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Elixir file extensions for new developers

This and the other “Deck” posts are a repurposing of flashcard study decks to Q&A blog posts. Google was not showing love to this content as a set of flashcards and I didn’t want to delete them entirely, I hope you find it useful.

When would you use the .ex extension for an Elixir file vs `.exs`?

You use .ex when you want to compile your code and .ex when writing a script.

How would you execute a .exs file script from the command line?

elixir my_exs_file.exs

Running the script above will execute the file without writing a compiled BEAM file to disk.

How would you execute a .ex file on the command line?

elixirc my_exs_file.ex

The above will write a compiled BEAM file to disk and you will be able to use the modules/functions you create in your Elixir environment.

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